Supporting Sustainability + Community

Much like our sister company Rosados Box, sustainability and love is weaved into every facet of our Purrfect Sunday brand. Purrfect Sunday has over the years evolved from an artisanal selfcare brand into a conscientious lifestyle brand. During COVID and after the death of our beloved pup Bo Dragon, we realized our brand Purrfect Sunday can do more. Our family core values of mindfulness + sustainability + community should be experienced beyond eco-friendly self-care products!

We are delighted to announce that we are expanding into creating products + content that will continue to galvanize the power of kindness + love. Our first series of products in 2023 is inspired by "self love." More to come friends...

Last but not least, 2% of our profits will go towards our local animal shelter Anti-Cruelty Society (where we adopted our sweet Marlo) while 100% of our spend will contribute to growing jobs here within our country. Giving back to us is beyond charity. It's our lifestyle that bleeds into everything that we do. #JoinOurPurrpose

Why did we name our brand Purrfect Sunday? Because the brand is inspired by Shirley's self care Sundays with her fur children. On Sundays, Shirley would make her own skincare products due to the nature of her sensitive skin and her furbabies Marlo + Zen (pre-Bear Lion,Penny Roux, and Luna Tuna) would circle around watch their momma make magic. Viola! That's how Purrfect Sunday was came to be :o)

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