7 Scents To Soothe Your Soul

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Have you ever had a certain smell bring you a sense of calming or relaxation? Believe it or not, aromas serve other purposes aside from just smelling good. Here are 7 scents that are sure to soothe your soul!


One of the most popular scents, lavender has a positive and relaxing effect on your body! If you’re feeling stressed, the calming properties of lavender can help put your problems at ease - leaving you cool, calm, and collected. Feeling down? Lavender is known to help with depression. The scent impacts your limbic system, the part of your brain that controls emotions, and gives your mood a much-needed boost. 

Want to create your own spa at home? We have the perfect solution! Our Ohm Bath Soak features lovely lavender buds that will float in your bath and emit the most relaxing scent. The clary sage and lavender will work hard to relax your body and time while you relax. Time to treat yo’ self!

Ohm Bath Soak



Like soothing scents but afraid that they will make you sleepy? You won’t have this issue with jasmine! This scent calms your nervous system without making you tired. In fact, it increases your alertness during the day! When it comes time to hit the hay though, jasmine will improve your sleep quality. If you find yourself to be a restless sleeper, this scent will help you have a good night’s rest. Nothing better than catching those z’s!

Who doesn’t love a good candle? One of the scents you can choose from for our Wild Rose Aromatherapy Candle just so happens to be jasmine! Lighting this soy candle will not only relax you, it also revitalizes your mood - making you feel confident and optimistic.

Wild Rose Aromatherapy Candle



Associated with feelings of contentment, rosemary is known to improve your mood and have a positive impact on your well-being! Its scent will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Rosemary has a great health benefit too - it can reduce headaches and muscle pains! Say bye bye to unwanted discomfort.

Versatile products are truly the best. Our Lavender + Rosemary Body Lotion will not only hydrate and moisturize your skin, but its aroma can soothe mental and emotional strain as well! The scent will relax you, which leads the hormone that causes symptoms of stress to decrease. A lotion and that smells good and does good? Sounds like a win win to us!

Lavender + Rosemary Body Lotion 



Nothing screams refreshing more than peppermint! This scent is perfect for all the busy-bee’s out there. Your alertness will be heightened and your mind will be invigorated. Additionally, it stimulates clear-thinking and concentration which will allow you to tackle your tasks seamlessly. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Looking for a butter balm that’s sweet and refreshing? Our Drink Butter Balm is calling your name! It has the scrumptious smell of orange peppermint patties that will remind you of the summertime. Not only does it smell good, but the balm is packed with rich raw ingredients that will nourish your thirsty skin.

Drink Butter Balm



When it comes to aromas, frankincense is another fan favorite among people. While it beautify’s your skin, it also has some other beneficial qualities to it. It promotes wellness, peace, and of course, relaxation. If you’re someone who loves yoga or meditation, this is a great aroma to use as it allows you to focus on your daily intentions.

Been on the hunt for a skincare product that contains a hint of this scent? One of the ingredients that our Naked Cream features is frankincense oil. The calming face moisturizer is the perfect lightweight, non-greasy product that will have you ready to take on your day! Fun fact: frankincense is a popular essential oil that helps battle aging with all of its antioxidants.

Naked Cream



Have you been struggling with anxiety? Bergamot, a sweet citrusy scent, can help with that! This aroma will assist you with releasing any unnecessary feelings of stress or nervousness. Bergamot is also known to improve your mood so you can feel like your best self!

Want to get your glow on? Our Glow Serum contains bergamot oil that will have you radiating and feeling good at the same time. Our unique blend of Vitamin C and antioxidants will help restore your glow all while fighting free radicals. What a great combo!

 Glow Serum


Last, but certainly not least, is oh-so lovely rose! Are you looking to unwind after a long day? You’ll have a peaceful easy feeling with this aroma. Rose soothes your senses so that you can enjoy a relaxing evening while lounging at home. Sounds like a great night if you ask us!

Need a little escape? Our Creme Rose Body Lotion will make you feel like you’re walking through a botanical garden with its beautiful rose geranium and special blend of essential oils scents. Who doesn’t love to stop and smell the roses?

Creme Rose Body Lotion

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