Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

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We love all things essential oils here at Purrfect Sunday because of their many benefits! Whether it’s one that will help soothe your skin or your soul, these oils will work wonders. Today, we’re here to share one of our absolute faves, tea tree oil! Not familiar with it? We got you covered! Let’s dive into all things tea tree oil!

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Before we get into the beneficial qualities of tea tree oil, let’s learn a little bit about its origin! Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca alternifolia or melaleuca oil, comes from stemming the native Australian plant's leaves. This essential oil is one of the most common and popular oils and is full of anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties.    

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe?

Prior to using tea tree oil, it is always important to do a patch test to ensure that you do not have a reaction. Additionally, it is extremely important to not ingest tea tree oil because it is toxic and can lead to harmful complications.

What Are The Benefits?

When it comes to the benefits of tea tree oil, oh is there so many! For starters, tea tree oil is known to soothe and help alleviate irritated skin. Those who have acne will be happy to know that due to the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil, it can calm redness, swelling, and inflammation! Not only that, it can help reduce the appearance of acne scars. How great is that?!  

Do you find your skin to be a bit itchy? Tea tree oil will be able to get rid of any discomfort from any inflammation and the itchiness you are experiencing! For our oily skin friends, the antiseptic properties of this oil will be able to help you say buh-bye to the unwanted skin condition. We love the sound of that! 

Tea Tree Oil & Aromatherapy

Tea tree oil is one of the common essential oils used in aromatherapy! When diffused, it will create a relaxing environment for you to unwind in. A great way to put this into use is to make a bath for yourself with our Woke! Bath Soak, which features tea tree oil! Not only will the relaxing scent surround you, but so will the beautiful botanicals that are found in the bath soak too!    

What Purrfect Sunday Offers

Here at Purrfect Sunday, we offer quite a few products that feature tea tree oil like our Ashes Clay Mask, Chub Rub Cream, and Spot Acne Treatment Putty. Feel free to browse our collection of products that also feature this ingredient to see what may pique your interest!

How great were these tea tree oil facts? Will you incorporate it into your skincare or aromatherapy routine? As always, be sure to check out our website, follow us on our socials, and subscribe to our newsletter to see what’s new here at Purrfect Sunday. Catch you next time, friends!


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