How To Naturally Get Rid Of Blemishes

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Let’s be honest, seeing a blemish on your skin is never fun. Need a quick solution to get rid/diminish the appearance of that pesky pimple? We have some solutions! We’re here to share some different ways you can help combat the problem with a few different natural ingredients and products. Let’s dive in! 

Aloe Vera

We’ve mentioned in a previous blog post how much we love aloe vera and the wonders that it can do for your skin, now we’re here to remind you that it can help diminish the appearance of some acne! While it sadly cannot help with cystic acne, aloe vera can get rid of nodules and pustules. Given its vitamin and antioxidant packed properties, this ingredient can soothe irritated skin and leave it smooth and supple!

Our Refresh Toner features aloe vera as one of its main ingredients and this product is perfect to use daily! Not only will it help with acne prone skin, it will also help balance it out and leave it feeling super clean.

 Refresh Toner      


Honey is the miracle ingredient that you need in your life! Honey is known to be a great exfoliant that naturally gets rid of dead skin cells, as well as fights against any bacteria that may be lying on or within your skin. Not only that, honey can help heal your acne scars too!  


With our Raw Honey Cleanser Mask, you can use it as a weekly face mask to brighten your complexion and tackle bacteria to reduce and keep blemishes away! To take things to the next level, you can combine this mask with our Ashes Clay Mask and Dirt Fighter Mask to really clear out all the unwanted toxins.

 Raw Honey Cleanser Mask      

Tea Tree Oil

One of the more popular ways to treat acne, tea tree oil is a great ingredient to use because it tackles many of the problem areas that come with blemishes. With its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, tea tree oil is able to reduce that appearance of redness, swelling, and inflammation. Acne scars can also be reduced when you use this ingredient - we love the sound of that! 


Our Spot Acne Treatment is a quick and easy to use product that can reduce the appearance of a blemish in a breeze! You can apply it and leave it on for 15 minutes if you’re in a time crunch, or leave it on for a bit longer to let it work its magic.

  Spot Acne Treatment

What Purrfect Sunday Offers

At our shop, we offer quite a few products that feature these beneficial ingredients, and much more! Feel free to browse our collection and see what you may like! 

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