The Benefits Of Rose Clay

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Skincare ingredients that not only look good, but do good for your skin, is always a major plus! Another one of our fave ingredients that we’re going to share is rose clay! Rose clay has an abundant amount of beneficial properties that your skin is going to love. Let’s learn more!  

What Is Rose Clay?

When you think of clay, you may think of something thick and hard to handle. That’s not the case with rose clay! This ingredient when used in skincare is powder-like due to kaolin. Rose clay is a mild-type of kaolin, and is a naturally occurring clay that features kaolinite as its main constituent.  

What is kaolinite exactly? Kaolinite is a clay mineral, also called a silicate mineral, that inhabits certain rocks. It’s a soft, white mineral that’s produced when weather wears down aluminum silicate minerals like feldspar. This ingredient is completely safe and as you will soon learn, is safe even on the most-sensitive of skin!

Rose Earth Clay Mask 

What Are The Benefits?

Rose clay shines bright with its amount of benefits that your skin will thank you for! This ingredient is known for getting rid of any makeup, dirt, and oil from your skin in a gentle way so that it feels oh-so clean! What’s even better? It will not strip away any of your skin’s natural oils (unless you use it more than twice a week - then it will start to strip the oils and leave your skin dry and flaky).

Want to have a youthful glow? Rose clay can help you keep or achieve that! It is a good exfoliant that will leave your skin feeling happy, healthy, and most of all, clean!   

What Purrfect Sunday Offers

At our shop, two of our products feature rose clay! Our Rose Earth Clay Mask is a rejuvenating face mask that works hard (but is of course gentle) to restore your skin’s moisture. This face mask also features dragon fruit, which is a natural vitamin C infused moisturizer that helps fight against free radicals and premature aging. 

Another great product of ours is our Rose Clay Drift Soap! This SLS, SLES and palm oil free soap not only makes your skin smell oh-so good, it will leave it feeling oh-so good too. The soap is great to use during your shower or tub time to exfoliate your skin and clean it to the max!

 Rose Clay Drift Soap

Looking to gift someone the ultimate spa day? We offer two gift sets, our Clay Mask Set and Rose Champagne Spa Set, that feature our Rose Earth Clay Mask and some of our other popular skincare products. Feel free to browse our products to see what may pique your, or a loved ones, interest!  

How cool were these facts about rose clay? Are you going to incorporate it into your skincare routine now? As always, be sure to follow us on our socials, check out our website, and subscribe to our newsletter to see what’s new here at Purrfect Sunday. Catch you next time friends!


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