The Importance of Natural Skin Care

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The Importance of Natural Skin Care

Did you know that every day we can put an average of 168 chemicals on our body through our skin care regimen?! This was a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group and even more alarming - most of these have never been tested for safety. Yikes! Upon hearing about this fact and investing in further research, the founder of Love & Promise, Shirley, made the decision to launch a fresh line of naturally made products called Purrfect SundayThis line includes all natural soy candles to fresh whipped butters for your delicate skin. Many may wonder: why even change to natural skin care? Well, we’re here to explain why natural products are the best for you and your skin. Let’s dive into the world of natural skin care!  


Natural Products Will Not Irritate Your Skin

Ever use a product and your face suddenly breaks out? This is due to chemically-packed lotions and makeup products that you are using. While brands may say that these products will help your skin, as time goes on, they can cause dryness, wrinkles, and irritation. Eeek! We’re certain everyone wants beautiful smooth skin with minimal maintenance, right? We know we do! When you start incorporating natural skin care products into your regimen, you will not have to worry about any unsafe, added chemicals!  

For those of us that have sensitive skin, natural skin care products will be your best friend! Natural ingredients can help soothe irritated skin and protect it from the sun. It’s also good to be mindful of what you apply to your face if you plan on being out and about in the sun. Things like grapeseed oil and aloe vera gel are great natural ingredients for the skin to help protect and heal any sun damage that you may have on your skin. Each natural oil or raw ingredient used will serve a purpose in improving or maintaining equilibrium in your skin.

Wicked Butter Balm 


Cost Effective

Who doesn’t love to save their hard-earned moolah? When you invest in natural skin care products, you are ultimately saving money in the long run. No more having to spend gobs of money constantly to find new products to cover up dryness, irritation, acne, etc. - piling chemical upon chemical doesn’t allow your skin to relax because it’s fighting a foreign chemical! In the long run, investing in natural skin care, which is more gentle on the skin, will lead to long term savings in both your skin and wallet. We like the sound of that!

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Not only do we love that natural skin products are good for your skin, we love that they are good for the environment too! We’re all about sustainability here and knowing that natural products are not harming mother earth is awesome. Think about it, what can be so “bad” on your skin that it requires a harsh chemical to balance your skin? Surely mother nature has her ingredients that can help safely! There’s no need to create and add chemicals to the skin when we have amazing, fresh ingredients that can help from nature. When you use products with an abundant amount of chemicals, they can go down the drain and cause problems in local waterways. Not cool! 


Natural Fragrance 

With regular skin care products, they usually have a bunch of chemicals added to make it smell “beautiful” but while it may smell good, it’s just a cover up! Many chemicals are added to mask the smell and make you think that what you are applying is beneficial for your skin when in reality, it isn’t really serving a purpose aside from masking symptoms. Oh my! With natural products, you won’t have to worry about if the scent that you are smelling is hiding something. Typically, ingredients in natural skin care products will each serve a purpose from calming your skin with lavender essential oils to the olive oil boosting moisture to very dry skin! Natural products don’t use anything artificial and not only will smelling it not be an issue, unwanted chemicals will not be able to seep into your skin and cause problems to your organs. We’ll drink (water) to that!

Glow Serum 


You’ll See Results

When you make the transition to natural products, you’ll start to see a difference! The more you stay consistent and follow your skin care regimen, the better the results will be. With a natural healthy skin care regimen that is matched to your correct skin type, you should see better, healthier skin results within days. Within one month, you will look brand new! Yay for clean, healthy skin!    

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About Purrfect Sunday

Purrfect Sunday is a new artisanally handcrafted line of natural products that are made within our Chicago studio. All our products are made in small batches with only quality natural ingredients with the exception of our preservatives to keep our products germ-free. Our skin care products are at the minimal of 97%-99.5% all natural ingredients, with the remaining percentages allotted for the preservatives only. We must put preservatives so that the products last longer than 1 week and up to 1 year. Know that every ingredient use serves a purpose - NONE of our products are ever tested on animals, and our packaging can either be recycled or upcycled. Even better, 10% of our profits will be donated to our local animal shelter, Anti-Cruelty. To learn more about this organization, please visit their website. Sustainability just got easier. We’re so excited to share with you our latest project as we are continually looking for more opportunities to better the earth.


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