The Maskne Struggle: What Is It & How To Help Treat It

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Let’s face it, the struggle is VERY real when it comes to maskne. Pesky blemishes and irritation are popping up left and right for some on our faces and it can be super frustrating. Now that wearing a face mask is the new norm, trying to find a way to ease maskne can be a challenge. Fear not, we’re here to provide some possible solutions that can help. Let’s get to it!

What is Maskne?

For those that may be unfamiliar with this new term, experts have helped break it down for us. The proper name for “maskne” is acne mechanica, which is a skin condition brought on by excessive friction, heat, and pressure from material on your skin. As you’ll learn shortly, there are a few different factors that cause maskne. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, maskne will look a little bit different for everyone.      

What Causes Maskne?

So what causes maskne to occur? When you are wearing your face mask, heat and friction combined with a moist environment from talking, sweating, and breathing creates the perfect storm for breakouts. When that is all trapped within the mask, your pores can become clogged and acne will start to appear. Additionally, heat and sweat can make your skin itchy and dry. Eeek!

Acne is not the only thing that can happen due to maskne. Rosacea, folliculitis, seborrheic  dermatitis, and allergic contact dermatitis are other conditions that have occurred for some people.

Ways To Prevent

1. Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

Cleansing your skin with an oil-less cleanser before putting on your mask is super important! Doing so will help prevent oil and dirt from being trapped on your skin’s surface. Our Renew Cleanser is a great to use daily because the minerals and grains work hard to detox your skin and calm any pre-existing irritation. The light exfoliation also safely polishes off dead skin and sweat without abrasiveness on sensitive skin.

Renew Cleanser


2. Hydrate Your Skin!

Moisturizing is key! Applying moisturizer will act as a barrier between your skin and your mask which will reduce friction. Our Naked Moisturizer will give your skin the ultimate hydration boost to keep it nourished and moisturized. Putting this on your cleansed face before and after wearing your mask is a good way to keep your skin moisturized and not dried out!

Naked Moisturizer


3. Steer Clear Of Harsh Products!

Ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, saylic acid, and different retinols in medicated skin care products can cause your skin to become more irritated than ever before. Always be sure to check ingredients on products before you put them on your face! Harsh chemicals can worsen skin that is already raw and irritated so let’s avoid that!  


4. Go Au-Natural!

Wearing makeup is always fun, but when you are rocking it under your mask, your skin may not like it so much. Wearing makeup while wearing a mask will not allow your skin to breathe properly, thus causing blemishes to come to the surface. Not only that, you’ll have to do extra work to get the makeup off of your mask!    


5. Wash Your Mask!

The most crucial way to help prevent maskne is to wash your mask! Cotton masks will hold on to any dirt and/or oil and if you repeatedly wear it without washing, your skin will become irritated and even dirtier. Gross! Additionally, different laundry soaps and detergents that contain fragrances that can irritate your skin. When washing your face mask, be sure to select a fragrance-free laundry product to avoid potential breakouts!     


How To Help Treat

Treating maskne will be different for everybody, but the most important thing to do is take the previously mentioned precautionary measures to help combat the issue, as well as sticking to a skincare routine that works for you! At our shop, we can adjust our products to accommodate whatever skin type you have. Be sure to contact us, we’d be happy to help!

What Purrfect Sunday Offers

Here at Purrfect Sunday, we always want to make sure that your skin is happy and healthy! We have quite the collection of products that can help you get the great skin that you deserve. Our Sensitive Skin Starter Set is a great way to get started on your skincare journey if your skin is on the sensitive side. Feel free to peruse our website to see what other goodies we offer!

  Sensitive Skin Starter Set

Are you ready to say “see ya later” to maskne? We hope our little guide helped you find some solutions to this pesky problem. As always, be sure to follow us on our socials, check out our website, and subscribe to our newsletter to see what’s new here at Purrfect Sunday. See you next time, friends!


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