What Are The Benefits Of Using A Face Serum?

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Do you incorporate a face serum into your daily skin care routine? If not, it’s about to be your best friend! We’re here to share the many great benefits of face serums and how they can take your routine, and your skin, to the next level. Let’s see what it’s all about!

What is Face Serum?

A face serum is a lightweight liquid that’s full of a concentrated amount of active ingredients that are meant to hydrate, protect, and nourish your skin. It is supposed to penetrate your skin’s surface and unlike other products, you should see results in a shorter amount of time. From anti-aging to acne prone, there are quite a few different serums to choose from! Each serum will vary in ingredients to help accommodate your skin’s needs.

How Do I Use It?

Using a face serum is easy peasy! You can apply it in the morning, but most people like to use it in the evening. Once you have finished using a cleanser, apply the skin serum and then follow it up with a moisturizer to seal in the serum. Due to its lightweight nature, you will never have to worry about your skin feeling greasy or heavy. We like the sound of that! Follow our easy 4-step regimen that incorporates a face serum that will help get you one step closer to the skin of your dreams!

   Calm Serum  


Since face serums contain a bountiful amount of great ingredients, that means that they are chock-full of benefits! It can soothe sensitive skin, protect it from free radicals and future damage, and you will be able to see results! Nourishing your skin is key and incorporating a serum into your routine will do it a whole lot of good.

What Purrfect Sunday Offers

Here at Purrfect Sunday, we offer two face serums, Calm & Glow! Our Calm Serum is for balancing and controlling acne prone skin and contains key active ingredients of argan, grapeseed, and primrose oil. These ingredients will help control your skin’s oil production, restore it’s balance, and battle acne without taking away your gorgeous glow!

Glow Serum


Our Glow Serum is our go-to nighttime elixir that helps battle signs of aging. Argan, rosehip, and carrot seed oil are the active ingredients in this serum and they will help protect and restore your skin’s resilience against free radicals. Although this serum is rich in Vitamin C from the carrot seed oil, we recommend using it in the evening or on a cloudy day as it can potentially cause a reaction if your skin is exposed to the sun. 

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