Your Summer Skincare Guide

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Hey there summer, oh how we’ve missed you! Now that the season has changed, it’s time to switch up your skincare routine. We’re here to share some helpful tips and which products to use to make the transition super simple. Let’s get started!

A Moisturizer Is Key

You may be thinking, “why am I going to apply moisturizer if I have oily skin...especially in the summer”?! Well ladies and gents, you’re always supposed to be using some sort of moisturizer year round, no matter your skin type. Moisturizers help reestablish the stratum corneum, aka the outermost layer of your skin! It is meant to protect against pollutants and chemicals, and can also prevent any irritation or dryness.  

For the summer months, using a lighter moisturizer that also contains SPF will be your best friend. Thicker moisturizers can clog your pores and bring upon acne, who wants that? If it has anything 30 or higher, you’ll be good to go!

Change Up Your Cleansing Game

While using a thicker cleanser, like a cream or oil, in the winter helps against the elements, you have to do the opposite for the warmer season! A foaming cleanser is a good option to switch to because it is not heavy. Our Yin Yang Cleanser is an excellent choice because it is gentle and will rid your skin of any unwanted toxins!

 Yin Yang Cleanser

Bring On The Vitamin C

The sun isn’t the only thing that will make your skin glow! Incorporating a Vitamin C serum is what your skin needs to battle against signs of aging, and it will also feed your skin the moisturization and antioxidants that it needs to get a healthy glow.

You can get your glow on with our appropriately-named Glow Serum! It’s full of vitamins A, C, & E, essential oils and antioxidants that can make your skin oh-so glowy.

 Glow Serum  

Exfoliation Time

When you sweat, your pores become clogged and oil builds up - yuck! To help prevent and clear up this mess, exfoliating your skin is the way to go! Any pores that are blocked will be able to open up and your skin can breathe.

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