Your Winter Skincare Guide

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Swapping out your wardrobe is not the only thing that needs to be changed this season! Now that the winter months are here, your skincare routine needs a little revamping to keep up with the chilly weather. We’re here to share some helpful tips and tricks on how you can keep your skin looking happy and healthy during this time of year. Let’s dive in!

Trade Your Cleanser For A Balm, Oil, or Cream

Cleansers are great to pull toxins from your skin, but some can strip your skin of its natural oils (especially foaming cleansers) and will be much harsher on your skin. Since the air is primarily dry during this season and your skin may not be all that moisturized, this will result in some irritation for your dry skin. Who wants that?   

Cleansing oils, balms, and creams can effectively, and safely, wash your skin without interfering with its barrier, as well as keeping it hydrated. 

 Wicked Butter Balm 

Reduce Your Shower Time & Water Temperature

Who doesn’t love a nice, warm shower or bath? While it may feel nice, staying in the shower for longer than you should can result in the hot water stripping away your skin of its natural moisture. The simple solution? Cut back on the time and once you are done and your skin is still damp, be sure to apply a rich moisturizer to lock in hydration. One thing to keep in mind is that you should apply more than you usually would during the summer due to the cold and dry temperature. 

For your face, our Wicked Butter Balm would help give your skin the moisturization it needs to secure hydration. For your body, our Lavender + Rosemary Body Cream will not only leave your skin silky smooth and properly nourished, it smells amazing too!

 Lavender + Rosemary Body Cream

Add In An Exfoliator

Exfoliators are known to detox your skin and get rid of all the dead skin cells and during this chilly season, it will be your best friend! Using a very gentle exfoliator will allow your skin to be free of any free radicals, leaving your skin with a healthy looking glow. It is important to only exfoliate once a week because doing it one too many times can result in irritation and dryness. No thanks! 

Switch From A Lotion-Based Moisturizer To A Cream

Making the transition from a lotion-based moisturizer to a cream is what you need in your life! Creams already have moisturizing properties built-in to them so that you get all the goodness in one product. What more could you ask for?! Our Queen Cream is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to give your skin a much-needed moisturization boost! 

 Queen Cream      

Layer Your Skincare

Layers, on layers, on layers! Applying your products in stages from lightest to darkest is crucial when it comes to protecting your skin. We recommend starting with your cleansing cream, balm, or oil, to a toner, to a serum, and lastly a moisturizer. This will ensure that your skin will be able to combat the winter weather while keeping your skin looking oh-so good! We recommend layering up your skin with our products in this order: Raw Honey Cleanser Mask, Refresh Toner, Calm Serum, & Naked! Moisturizer

Botanical oils can help sooth any inflammation, restore hydration, and strengthen your skin’s barrier. You thought using sunscreen was only necessary to us in the summer? Think again! Believe it or not, UV light can reflect off the pretty snow and potentially give you a little sunburn. Who knew? Always be sure to put on a little sunscreen before heading out to protect your precious skin.

 Refresh Toner

Incorporate An Overnight Face Mask Into Your Routine

Face masks are simply the best and applying an overnight mask before you hit the hay will do your skin a whole lot of good. Your skin’s hydration levels start to decline in the afternoon and into the overnight hours, leading to dry and dehydrated skin. The face mask will help lock in serums, oils, and creams that were previously applied.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Who has time for chapped lips? We sure don’t! Applying lip balm often will keep your lips supple and nourished instead of chapped and wind burned. Our Mandarin Mint Lip Balm is perfect to use and keep with you on the go so that your lips will be moisturized and hydrated. Pucker up!

Mandarin Mint Lip Balm

Quench Your Thirst

It’s always important to hydrate your palette with water but during the winter season, it’s a crucial component to keep your skin in-check. Be sure to drink the proper amount of water each day for some gorgeous, glowy skin!    

Are you ready to tackle the winter weather with your new and improved skincare routine? We hope these simple tips will help you make the proper adjustments to keep your skin looking oh-so perfect. As always, be sure to follow us on socials, check out our website, and subscribe to our newsletter to see what’s new here at Purrfect Sunday. See you next time friends!


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