Our Process

Each step of our process is meaningful, from where we source to how we ship!

Majority of our ingredients are all natural with the exception of our broad spectrum preservatives, binding ingredients, and/or vitamin boosts. When possible, we choose plant based synthetics. We keep it simple so your life is simple!

 natural skin care herbs self care

Each of our products are artisanally handcrafted to order. We focus on quality products made with warm hugs & sprinkles of love. No if ,ands ,or buts!

 Vegan soy candle in hand

Our sources, from ingredients to packaging, are from small to medium size American companies with sustainability in mind. Fun fact, all our containers can be recycled or upcycled. Ooh la la!

Minimalist Lotion Skincare

Last but not least, throughout our process, we are mindful of minimal waste. We have designed our packaging with minimalism in mind so as not to have excess without a purpose. Shopping guilt-free just got easier. Huzzah!

Minimalist Interior Design

Below is our company promise for all our products.

Our Company Promise , Our Commitment