Our Story

Purrfect Sunday is the newest endeavor by Love & Promise Jewelers®. With the success of Rosados Box®, our proprietary jewelry brand committed to sustainability + community, Love & Promise saw an opportunity for a holistic expansion beyond fine jewelry. From the brands we support to the food we consume, every detail holistically affect our lives. This is the very reason why self care has never been more important. Purrfect Sunday hopes to restore balance in people's life through holistic solutions.

Purrfect Sunday was created on a rainy Sunday afternoon by Shirley, the co-founder of Love & Promise Jewelers. Shirley was spending that Sunday hand pouring soy candles while relaxing at home with her 2 fur children Zen + Marlo. Our little fur family has since grown to now 4, Zen, Marlo, Luna Tuna, and Bear Lion!

Purrfect Sunday has recently evolved from an artisanal eco-friendly beauty brand into a conscientious lifestyle brand. During COVID and after the death of our beloved pup Bo Dragon, we realized our brand Purrfect Sunday can do more. Our family core values of mindfulness + sustainability + community should be experienced beyond eco-friendly self-care products!

We are delighted to announce that we are expanding into creating products + content that will continue to galvanize the power of kindness + love. Our first series of products is inspired by "self love." More to come friends...