Our Story

Purrfect Sunday is a line of natural based artisanal products created by the Love & Promise Jewelers. With the success of Rosados Box, Love & Promise instinctively wanted to grow their mission beyond sustainable fine jewelry. Rosados Box's success demonstrated our community's need for more impact.This was how Purrfect Sunday was born.

Purrfect Sunday was envisioned by Shirley Kam, co-founder of Love & Promise Jewelers, on a Sunday afternoon. Shirley wanted to spend more time with her fur babies, Zen & Marlo, while relaxing at home. She decided to hand pour candles one day for a DIY project. Well, the smells drew the furry detectives straight into the kitchen! Zen and Marlo decided to "help" smell and inspect the candles to ensure the candles were all "pawfectly" poured. From that Sunday onwards, it's DIY Sundays with her boys, from candles to bath bombs. Rest assured, Marlo & Zen personally inspects every product, "paws" honor!

We are always finding opportunities to improve our products so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them over! Thank you for your ongoing support to help us grow our mission. 


Marlo & Zen at Love & Promise Jewelers