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Our Intentions + Manifestations candle is purposefully selected with genuine gemstones that will bring your manifestations into real life. After the candle burns down, you can collect the beads to string into a bracelet. This candle is an excellent  graduation, wedding, birthday, Christmas, Mother's day, Thinking of You present. Burn this candle prior to meditation and think through what you want to ask for to the universe. Make a clear vision of what success looks like to you and tell it. Feel free to learn more about the scents we offer below before selecting your scent of choice.

Candle Details:

Vegan Friendly!

Wax Type: 100% Quality American Soy Wax . Why pure American soy wax? Because the fragrance will be stronger and the burn time will last longer, up to 70% longer compared to the same size commercial "mixed" wax. Even better, the burn is cleaner and better for the earth! What's not to like? You end up saving money AND the earth. Yowza!

Gemstones Included: Herkimer Diamond, Crystal Quartz, Turquoise, Moonstone, Black Onyx, Clear Crystal & Pyrite 

Wick: Eco-Wick, Lead & Zinc Free.

Measurement of Container:

-14oz Cube Glass Jar size is approx 3.4" diameter & 3.3" height

Turnaround 2-5 days from order date; we make all our products to order for freshness!

*Each candle may vary in appearance due to the nature of the natural ingredients and each candle is hand decorated. 


Scent Descriptions:

Crisp Apples: If you enjoy apple fields, this is your candle! This scent is like biting into a fresh apple, refreshing and delicious!

Citrus Dreams: A zesty tangerine scent that will tickle your senses! Perfect for the citrus lovers.

Lavender Dreams: Lighting this candle will remind you of strolling through fresh lavender fields. This is THE scent for the classic lavender lovers!

White Sage & Lavender: A beautiful blend of earthly and lavender that will warm your house and cleanse it of bad ju-ju! This is an excellent option for a lighter more floral version of simple sage fragrance.