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Our Wild Violet Candles are our series hand poured American soy candles that share fresh nature inspired notes! This beautiful hand decorated candle will have dashes of violet shade flowers and herbs. Feel free to learn more about our scents before selecting your choice from the drop down options.

Candle Details:

Vegan Friendly!

Wax Type: 100% Quality American Soy Wax . Why pure American soy wax? Because the fragrance will be stronger and the burn time will last longer, up to 70% longer compared to the same size commercial "mixed" wax. Even better, the burn is cleaner and better for the earth! What's not to like? You end up saving money AND the earth. Yowza!

Wick: Eco-Wick, Lead & Zinc Free.

Container Size Options: 4 Tealights w/ Eco-Wick, 4 oz tin, or 8 oz tin

Measurement of Container:

- Tealights size is approx 1.5" diameter & 0.75" height
- 4oz Round Tin size is approx 2.5" diameter & 1.75" height
- 8oz Round Tin size is approx 3" diameter & 2" height

Turnaround 2-5 days from order date; we make all our products to order for freshness!

*Each candle may vary in appearance due to the nature of the natural ingredients and each candle is hand decorated. 


Scent Descriptions:

Black Sea: Classy ,airy, and mysterious! The scent reminds us of strolling by the ocean water with whiffs of floral & vanilla.

Clean Cotton: Refreshing and bright! The scent will remind you of fresh laundry hung under a beautiful sunny day. 

Oak Moss & Amber: Simple, fresh, earthly reminds us of a intimate walk within the woods right after the rain. The scent is deep paired with a sweet end note!

Tonka & Oud: Exactly as it states. Warm tonka bean scent with an ending note of oud. A perfect sophisticated warm earthy fragrance to add to your candle collection.